President Irene Jinks with Larry Flaherty, IRTA legislative chair.


The North Lake Shore Retired Teachers Association is one of the 93 units that make up the Illinois Retired Teachers Association. It is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that exists to keep members informed about pensions, health insurance and any other topics that are of special concern to retired educators in Illinois. Although the group is part of the IRTA, there is not a unified membership; members must join each of the organizations.
The state organization is divided into six areas and eighteen regions. We are part of Area 2 and are in Region 3. We are represented on the IRTA Board of Directors by our Area Representative and our Regional Director. NLSRTA encompasses thirty-three school districts in Evanston, Maine, New Trier, Niles and Northfield Townships.  However, any retired educator who lives in the area is welcome to membership.

NLSRTA was organized in 1955 by a group of retired educators from Evanston and New Trier High Schools.  It was open to any retired educator from Evanston to Highland Park, as well as the other suburbs surrounding Chicago as far southwest as Oak Park. It began with a few people coming to meetings and has grown in size and scope ever since. It now encompasses thirty-three school districts in northern Cook County.
Soon after the organization of the group, the leaders were involved in the formation of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, which was to serve retired educators from all parts of the state, with the exception of Chicago. (Since Chicago has its own pension system, it has its own retired teachers organization, also.) The first president of the IRTA was Marjorie Cook, who was also the first president of NLSRTA. Members of NLSRTA have remained active in IRTA, with two other members also serving as presidents of the state organization:  Blanche Erst, 1999-2001, and Irene Jinks, 2005-2007.

North Lake Shore Retired Teachers Association promotes the goals of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association and the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation through dissemination of information and active support of the programs. North Lake Shore provides participation and socialization among retirees through luncheons and other programs.