Meeting Schedule

Quarterly meetings are held at the Des Plaines Elks Club. Social hour is at 11:30 a.m. with luncheon served at noon.

About the Meetings

NLSRTA holds quarterly membership meetings, in September, November, February and May. Each has a luncheon followed by a program that is either informative or entertaining. The September meeting is one where state senators and representatives who serve our districts are invited to come to speak of what is happening legislatively and to answer questions from the members attending. In election years, such as this year, all those seeking election in the various districts are invited and are asked to address questions that are of concern to retirees. The February meeting is devoted to information from the Teachers Retirement System of Illinois (TRS) and legislation directly affecting retirees; the speaker is usually our annuitant representative on the TRS Board of Trustees.

At each meeting, members are asked to support outreach either in the community or for retired educators. In September we bring school supplies to be given to schools in our area for distribution to needy children; in November we bring supplies for a local food pantry; in February we ask for donations to REPAC (Retired Educators Political Action Committee) to help members attend fundraisers for state legislators; in May we have a raffle to benefit the IRTA Foundation for support of needy retirees.

In addition to regular meetings, the NLSRTA has held coffees in local restaurants, mainly for members who cannot attend the quarterly meetings. These are small, informal groups where information is given and matters of concern are discussed. We have also, for many years, sponsored special one-day “field trips” to places of interest in the Chicago area. These have been led by a professional tour guide who is extremely knowledgeable.